Distilled oldest and traditional Northern Italian, obtained by distilling the solid part of grapes: the marc. Full-bodied, intense flavor, soft and balanced, our grapewine is made following the most ancient and traditional methods of distillation. A grapewine tasting addictive. A timeless classic. Drink and sipped at the end of a lunch or any time of the day.

Grapewine Chianti

50 CL 40% Vol.

Grapewine Cabernet
Grapewine Chardonnay

 50 CL 40% Vol.

Grapewine Prosecco
Grapewine Moscato

50 CL 40% Vol. 

Grapewine Barrique 701

50 CL 38% Vol. 

Grapewine Le Ninfe

100 cl 38% Vol.

Grappa Bianca Ca' Dario

 70 cl 38% Vol.

Grapewine Veneta Podere Bosco

 100 Cl 40% Vol.

Grapewine Bianca Ca' Dario Barrique

 70 cl 38% Vol.

Grapewine Pirotelli

100 cl 40% Vol