Distillerie Valdoglio

Established in the early '50s as a small artisan family-run Distillerie Valdoglio, turns over a decade in an industrial company in all respects.nserted in the market since the beginning of the large-scale distribution, the distilleries Valdoglio spa with the production plant and the elasticity management that setit apart, is now the ideal partner among alchoolic beverage producers.

The fully automated production lines allows full production amounted to 18 million bottles, using the latest technologies that the market offers. The company's organizational flexibility allows thehighest range of products and formats always on quality, and customer demand customization. The pure spirits like grappa, brandy and alcohol, are complemented by a wide range of spirits, from traditional bitters, Fernet, Sambuca, Alchermes, Maraschino, Anise, Licorice, etc., up to the recent Vodkas to fruits, Whiskey cream, Cream lemon, Strawberry, Fruit syrups, to Limoncino now known all over the world and pride of the traditional Italian liquor. We are exclusive importers from countries of origin of scotch whiskey, white rum and dark rum, gin, tequila and wine do porto, cognac, armagnac and calvados.